Grafana Integration for Uptrace


Uptrace allows to run Loki queries without leaving the Uptrace UI. You can also use cLokiopen in new window which is like Grafana Loki, but for Clickhouse.

To enable Loki/cLoki integration, add the following lines to uptrace.yml:

  addr: 'http://localhost:3100'

Once enabled, you should see "LogQL" tab in the UI:

Loki and Uptrace


You can use Grafana to filter spans and view traces using Tempo API provided by Uptrace. All you need to do is to add Uptrace as a Tempo data source in Grafana:

  1. Go to Configuration > Data sources.
  2. Click on the "Add data source" button.
  3. Click on Tempo.
  4. As an URL, use http://localhost:14318
  5. Add uptrace-dsn: http://project2_secret_token@localhost:14318/2 HTTP header.

Grafana Tempo

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